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About us - eNdApPi -

Let us be your favorite high brand unique vintage stylist! If you are bored with majority number of retail stores or auction websites out there,  this is the right place for you. 

Now that you have reached our shop, you are so ready for the fashionista next step!
Our goal is that you find your favorite piece here at endappi.
If not, let us hear your request.
What's in your mind? Brand? Color? Style? We will keep our best effort to find the one right for you at right price!
Dear retail owners and buyers: we offer discount for multiple purchase.
If you are retail shop owner or buyer, we are happy to be one of your sources and offer the wholesale price.



Becky Amak
Founder, endama LLC.
Studied fashion business in Massachusetts, US, now living in Japan, have 10 year experience in fashion industry and over 18 years of vintage collecting experience.
Now I still feel that sophisticated brand vintages would never make me bored and they are ever-shining through age!  


Feel free to contact me: endama(at)outlook.com

Instagram: @shopendappi



Our online shop is available on Etsy: 



eNdApPi is an official dealer for dealing with used/secondhand designer items. License# 441090002807 (Issued by Chiba pref Public Safety Commission)